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June 2008

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Five Day Forecast

MAN I'm behind in my posting. Hrm. I seem to be the only one really posting here anymore :(

[[FEBRUARY 29, 2008]]

Breakfast: Bowl of Special K
Lunch: Broccoli and potatoes w/ cheese (Smart Ones frozen meal thing), strawberry/pineapple/coconut smoothie
Dinner: Salad (Eggs, olives, green peppers, carrot, cottage cheese, italian dressing), spicy sauted veggies, 1 piece of broccoli, a roll, 2 cups milk
Late Night: Sample strawberry cake, 1 low-fat string cheese, and weight watchers bread and peanut butter (2 slices)

Exercise: Attended an aerobics/cardio class called TGIF. lol

[[MARCH 1, 2008]]

Brunch: Cheddar ale soup, salad ( carrots, boiled egg, raisins, peanuts, italian dressing), 1 cup milk, potatoes, little bit of bacon, a cookie, and a roll
Dinner: Banana bread, totinos pizza rolls, ice tea
(OMG I ate so unhealthily this past weekend)

[[MARCH 2, 2008]]

Breakfast: Small coffee (Toasted Almond flavoured) and a donut from Dunkin' Donuts
Snack: 100 calorie chips ahoy bag
Snack/Dinner?: Nachos and cheese, little bit of soda, mini gummi snacks, and one bite popcorn (From the movies)

[[MARCH 3, 2008]]

Breakfast: Girl scout cookies (Caramel Delights DDD:)
Lunch: String Cheese
Dinner: Veggie pita pizza (Spinach, green & yellow peppers, and mozzarella cheese) and Orange juice
Snack: 2 slices of bread (Weight Watchers) and peanut butter

Exercise: Went to the gym for a one hour class, "Fit and Funky" which incorporates dance and aerobics and cardio. Also did 30 minutes of abs work

[[MARCH 4, 2008]]

Breakfast: Granola Bar (Kashi Cherry Trail Mix)
Snack: 100 Calorie chips ahoy bag
Lunch: Honey Mustard chicken sandwich with french fries and water
Snack: 100 calorie chips ahoy bag
Dinner: Grilled cheese, carrot sticks, and green tea
Late Night (midnight-ish): Two girl scout cookies (Lemon creme ones... 80cal each D:)

*Sleep: Doing well. I did wake up this morning feeling a bit tired because I went to bed and woke up with a headache
*Energy: Moderate. Could have used more for the gym! haha
*Mood: My mood has been really good since Sunday! I was stressed earlier, and getting upset because my laptop kept shutting itself off on me,and I had to take a midterm... thus resulting in my going to the computer lab to complete the midterm. Grr.
*Exercise: Went to the gym and walked/run/run 1.5 walk 1.5 the track. 15min on bike cardio, pedaling 3.1 bike miles and burning 56 calories. I also did the Fly, Chest Press, and Tricep Extension machines. I left earlier than I wanted to, but it was raining bad and I needed to eat. I came back at 4p for a one hour cardio-intense workout called Beach Body Burnout. I wanted to stay later, but needed to study for my midterm.
*Other: Just my headache. My back is bothering me more than usual, but I think that's because of working out...my back isn't used to it.