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Eat Healthier!

A community for a better lifestyle

Food Diaries for a Better Lifestyle
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The main focus of this community is to post about what you eat now, and how to eat better!
After joining this community, we suggest to make a (preferably) daily or weekly entry about what you ate that day/week, which would allow for other members to give feedback of what you can do to eat healthier. Please feel free to post entries with good healthy recipes, or anything pertaining to good health, and cutting out bad food (which can include different exercises as well, so please feel free to post about work-out regimens or recommendations, but do so under a cut, because our main focus here at eat_healthier is food and making wiser and healthier eating habits).

Let's get healthy! :D

Rules and Regulations

[*]In order to post/give feedback, you must first join this community.
[*]Giving feedback is welcomed and encouraged, as long as it is worded positively. If you post in an insulting or negative manner, you will receive a warning. If it occurs again after a warning has been given, you will be removed from this community.
[*]After joining this community, please make an introduction post telling us who you are and what you'd like to come of this community.
[*]Please only join if you're truly committed to changing your eating habits and living healthier! ♥

[*]Please try to post your food log on a daily basis.
[*]Please tag your log entries as "[your username]'s log"
[*]You may post other topics beside your food log, but please keep it within the spectrum of the community.
[*]In your log posts, please include the following topics after the log is posted:

        *Sleep: How were your sleeping habits?
        *Energy: How have your energy levels been?
        *Mood: How have you been feeling?
        *Exercise: Have you done any exercise?
        *Other: Any other issues? Health or other?

~Please click [this link] to see an actual post containing all of the above.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems, they can be directed to either superbean or gmrgirlx!